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Acceleration Test Functionality Implemented

Acceleration Test View - Bit messy but will do

Acceleration Test View - Bit messy but will do

Over the past day or two I’ve being working on the GUI. I changed it from my original ideas below for the moment as I simply need to get this done soon as the deadline is approaching so no fancy animations for now. Each of the panes (tabs) is a custom widget, so basically I’m using a QStackedWidget with 5 custom QWidgets in it.

Today I mainly focused on the acceleration test functionality. The look of it may not be what I’m looking for now but as I said, deadlines are approaching and functionality is the most important. The acceleration test allows one to test how quick their car can reach a specificed speed. This speed is variable to make it more flexible. It can be changed in increments of 5, using the arrows. The maximum value is 255KPH since the OBD II standard can only read up to this.
Once the user selects this speed and clicks the start acceleration test button, Automon waits until it detects the car moving > ~1 KPH (Using threshold to avoid accidental starts) and starts a timer. As soon as the vehicle’s speed reaches the specified speed, the timer will stop and flash up the elapsed time.

If the car is moving originally when the test is started, it will let the driver know and once they slow down to 0KPH and back up to 1KPH, the timer will start automatically.

I would like to add sounds to it, since the TS7390 includes a speaker but there isn’t a sound driver with the system. However it does include a playwav.c file that I can use to play wav files so I might investigate even calling this as a process using QProcess but I’ll have to see how it affects performance.

Speaking of performance, the GUI is very responsive, everything responding instantly.

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