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Automon “Kernel” Almost Complete

I am finishing up the main parts of the heart of my application now. Currently it has the following functionality:

Implemented Functionality

  • Load Sensors, or custom ones that inherit from a main object and implement a conversion.
  • Connect sensors to the serial scheduler and set sensor frequencies so some update more often than others.
    For example, coolant temperature would need to be updated a lot less than engine RPM.
  • Set min and max boundary values per sensors and connect a error handler slot to a signal that occurs when a sensor value goes out of bounds.
  • Record average and instantaneous refresh rates of sensors. Helpful for debugging and performance testing.
  • Load DTC values, even propitiatory ones from a flat codes CSV file into the system.
  • Look up number of DTCs in system and check if Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) is switched on.
  • Load in stored codes on ECU and compare against code DB. If found, give english meaning, otherwise english meaning is “Unknown”
  • Reset the MIL.
  • Get battery voltage of car.
  • Get car’s vehicle identification number (VIN).
  • Get car’s OBD Protocol.
  • Get the OBD standard that the car complies with.
  • Automatic pausing of monitoring when command issues. (Slight problems with this however).
  • Mutex’s implemented on non re-entrant serial methods. (Need to test).
  • Check supported sensors in car and automatically disable sensors that are not supported. A debug message is also presented when a sensor cannot be added due to it being unsupported.

Missing Functionality

  • Rules
    Need to implement a system where a user can dynamically set rules such as “If coolant temp < 40 degrees AND rpm > 4500”, that the rule emits a signal that is caught by a user defined slot. Ideally I’ll have a GUI section that prints an message if rules are satisfied.
    This is a very important part of my system, that will provide great functionality to mechanics that need to diagnose or test car tuning changes.
  • Freeze Frames
    A freeze frame is a collection of all the sensor values during the last time an error occured. These are not actually sensor objects. I have the problem of querying only ones that are supported and storing them as XML and returning the values like this.

So for the moment, that is all the functionality I require for the Kernel. All this functionality is provided via a sort of interface, though technically not as implementation is included in parts.

Next week I am going to spend time testing this properly as I still have problems with the odd timing going wrong and hanging. I am going to investigate QTestLib to see what that has to offer in the line of automated testing but I don’t want to invest too much time into this area. Saying that however, it is essential that this part of the system, the Automon kernel is stable as the result of “Automon” will be built on top of that over the next few months.

Thursday, March 5th, 2009 General Information

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