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Splash Screen with Status implemented

QT provides a very handy widget, QSplashScreen. This allows me to display messages to the users when they wait for Automon to initialize itself, such as serial I/O and the OBD II bus. Here is a little prototype run:

Automon Splash Screen with status updates

Automon Splash Screen with status updates

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Next steps, building Automon GUI application

Now that I’ve the “kernel” of Automon done as much as I want, or have time, it’s time to start the actual main application.
I will develop a user friendly GUI with large buttons since the user will be interacting with Automon using the touch screen.
HCI will be an important element of this project. Font will have to be large enough so the user can see what is happening.

Today I started developing a GUI with a few buttons to test. Obviously the end result will be a lot better and user friendly.

First draft of Automon's GUI

First draft of Automon's GUI

Obviously I won’t be including the normal title bars and close, minimize buttons etc on top. The application will run full screen and load automatically on start up of the embedded device.

I will have to work out a way of removing the Linux start up messages and attempt to hide linux fully.

I am also going to handle exceptions in a good mannor. Communication with ECU’s is very intermittent. If the car and ignition is turnning on/off while Automon is connected, it results in a break down in communication where the car must be turned off and Automon rebooted.

Sunday, March 29th, 2009 QT Embdedded Programming 2 Comments