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Monitoring and Rules Complete

Automon Monitoring in Action with Rule

Automon Monitoring in Action with Rule

It has been a long day but I finally got the monitoring working the way I wanted it! First of all, you are given a choice of supported sensors on your car. You can add as many as you want (Only one of each however which makes sense!) and you can set the frequency of update. The frequency of update, is how often Automon will poll the ECU for the sensor value. Engine RPM changes rapidly, so need to update this every cycle. However, there is no point checking the coolant temperature that often. In the screen shot above, I set it to 10Hz, so every time Automon cycles through the list of sensors to check, it will check RPM, but every 10th time it will check the coolant temperature sensor.

Below that are available rules. Rules can be added to the monitor. However, you will only be able to start the monitor if all sensors that are listed in the rules are added. For example, If I had a rule added that included the Fuel Level input, I would first of all have to add this sensor to the list of monitoring sensors before being able to monitor.
The rule editor can also be launched from here. Any changes made to rules in the rule editor, will immediately be reflected in the monitoring widget. So for example, if I add a new rule in the rule editor, it will be listed in the available list. If I added a rule to the list of rules for monitoring and if I launched the rule editor, and deleted this rule, the rule will also be automatically deleted from the rule list in the monitoring widget. Big confusing but it works!

In the screenshot above you can see that the values are getting updated. This allows you to see values changing in real time.
When a rule is satisfied, it will highlight the rule in a green background on the cell. I also want it to emit a sound so the driver can hear it but this is a bit complicated on this device. It does have a speaker though which is a start!