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Automon mentioned on are one of the biggest distributors of PC-based scan tools based on the ELM327 IC.

They mentioned my project on their website – Thanks! The article is located at

I would like to thank Vitaliy Maksimov from – he kindly arranged the shipment of an ElmScan 5 USB for my project. He also helped me with technical issues – much appreciated!

Their website address is:

Thursday, May 7th, 2009 General Information 4 Comments

Final Year Project Report Complete

I finally completed the report. It contains quite a bit of detail but all is necessary.

It can be downloaded from:

User Manual is here:

All that is left now is to print out the testing documentation and get everything ready.

Project demonstrations are Monday!  – I have to figure out a way to compress 3 large topics into a single presentation!

So the project is almost at an end. It was a great experience. I learned loads. I will keep this site up as a resource for others as it seems to be helpful.

Thanks everyone for viewing and all the support.

Thursday, May 7th, 2009 General Information 3 Comments