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DTC Parts Implemented including Reset MIL

Over the past 2 days I successfully implemented the checking and loading of DTCs. I have used the Scantool.net’s code database file for all the codes. This is loaded into my program. I can then do something as simple as:

[code lang=”c++”]
qDebug() << automonApp.getMilStatus(); qDebug() << automonApp.getNumberOfCodes(); [/code] This will let me know if the MIL is on and the number of DTCs currently stored on the ECU. There are 4 types or categories of codes:

  • Powertrain Codes – eg. P0133
  • Chassis Codes – eg. C0100
  • Body Codes – eg. B0200
  • Network Codes – eg. U0122

The most common codes are the Powertrain codes. A code starting with P0 is SAE defined, while P1, P2, P3 are manufacturer defined, SAE defined, jointly defined respectively. It is a similar naming scheme with the C,B and U codes.

My simulator gives 6 DTCs if you press the malfunction button. This also illuminates the MIL. Reading these codes was a little difficult as there are 3 ECU’s in the simulator, ECU, ABS and Transmission unit. So I ended up getting codes from other ECUs as well but knowing where the delimiter was, proved to be difficult. The response to a 03 mode command responds with 43, but 43 can be a valid code as well. The 4 represents a chassis code so 43 00 would be C0300. I could not use 43 as a delimiter so I turned headers on using the ATH1 option and this gave back the sender/receiver/priority and CRC header bits. Using this information I successfully interpreted the correct bytes.

Resetting the MIL is very simple, just a matter of sending a mode 04 command.

Saturday, February 28th, 2009 ELM327 Interface, Onboard Diagnostics (OBD)

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