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First GUI Prototype using ElmScan 5 & QT/E 4

GUI Prototype

GUI Prototype

So today I finally decided to create a GUI application that would display the revs. The photo above is taken of the TS7390 connected to the ElmScan 5 USB and my car’s DLC. Even though it is USB, it actually creates a virtual com port so my code didn’t need to be changed from past code. The chip that does this virtual com port emulation is the FT232RL from FTDI. This is supported in Linux kernels > 2.6.9 which mine satisfies. More information from: http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP.htm
The code took me about and hour or two, but I did have the QT serial stuff already done so that would have taken quite a bit more. This is only a prototype and cannot be used in any way in the final product. I am only doing proof of concept that I can in fact read from serial while updating a GUI.

I noticed that if I reduced the refresh rate to 1/4 of a second, things got funny, it was missing bytes etc so the revs were all over the place. It seem to be perfect at about 300ms but that means refresh rate is only ~3Hz. This is actually quite noticeable when you rev up high quickly in neutral but on the road I’m guessing as you rev gradually in normal driving circumstances that it won’t look so bad.
However, the product is not a problem with my program to the ELM327, the serial part is fine. It is a limitation of the OBD side and my car is using KWP2000/ISO 14230 so I will have to figure out more timing details on this protocol. Other protocols such as CAN should be OK speed wise but I will have to investigate more into that.

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  • albertogomezisaza says:

    Hi Donal! Nice to see it finally show some graphics on the screen. Have you thought about selling it as a product or releasing the code? I think it has a lot of potential.

    I’ve been working on porting everything over to the EABI lenny version of debian. Today I finally got the board to load the touchscreen and framebuffer devices correctly (tested with hexdump), and I’ll try wireless soon.

    Now it seems QT and Tslib won’t run unless I recompile them with an EABI version of g++… :P.

    BTW I’ve had some issues cross-compiling stuff on Ubuntu 8.10 so I switched over to 8.04 and at least the TS-7390 kernel compiles now. If you are still having problems compiling on your ubuntu/xubutu OS you might want to try 8.04.

    Good luck,

  • admin says:

    Hi Alberto,

    Thats great news on Lenny. Actually a guy on TS7390 Yahoo mailing lists has just asked how to get Lenny on and anyone have a DD image handy 😉

    About my project being a product, well I amn’t sure really. It has quite a bit of potential alright but then again the cost of the equipment is quite a bit (Just the TS7390 really).
    Besides that though, it might work. There seems to be only one other device on the market, DashDAQ.

    We’ll see how well this goes now but as far as I know when you do your final year project, colleges own the rights – could be wrong though!

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