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First test with QExtSerialPort and the ELM327

Today I decided to write a simple console application that would read the RPM of my vehicle in real time.

Obtaining the RPM of the engine requires sending a Mode 1 PID of 0C to the ELM327. By default the ELM327 echos back the command to you along with the result to confirm that the command you sent was received correctly by the IC. To turn off this echo, you must first send a ATE0 command to the IC. Any internal configurations that is done to the IC is done via AT commands so once the ELM327 receives an ‘A’ followed by a ‘T’, it will interpret the following as internal configuration and not send the command to the ECU on its bus. Next after doing that I continuously sent the command “010C” to get a result (in hex) from the ECU.

The ELM327 won’t execute the command you sent until it reaches a carriage return bytes ‘x0D’ so this is appended to the string I send.

The response will always be: 1st byte the mode + 40, so we should get our first byte as “41” and the next will be the PID of “0C”, the following bytes are the ones we want to interpret. The ELM327 separates each bytes with a character space for readability but this can be turned off using “ATS0” but I will parse by these spaces.

My program worked successfully, however the timing was an issue. I done a continuous while loop with a sleep of 500ms in between using QThread but anything less, the response came out of line and I got a result of 0 rpm. By right using the sleep is not the correct implementation. I should be using QTimer and creating a slot that gets called periodically on a timer signal. I will work on timing later but I am happy just to get a real time output even if there is a second delay between each output. Newer versions of the ELM327 supports an adaptive timing feature that I will exploit later on to get more samples per second thus making it more real time.

I used the strtol function to convert the hex bytes to decimal equivalents which is quite useful. Below is the output of my car as I varied the throttle.

Simple RPM program I made

Simple RPM program I made

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  • Dankoozy says:

    is the timer a similar concept to that used in vb? what’s wrong with using sleep anyway?

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