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Modified SD Card – More Space!

So today I bought a new USB card reader so I could work on partitioning my new SD card with a bigger root filesystem partition. The one that comes by default is something around 400MB and its 90% full which is no use to me.

To do this I downloaded this file: ftp://ftp.embeddedarm.com/ts-arm-sbc/ts-7390-linux/binaries/ts-images/512mbsd-aug252008.dd.bz2. Bunzip2’d it and with my usb card reader in VMWare (/dev/sdb) I wrote the new image to it using command: dd if=512mbsd-aug252008.dd.bz2 of=/dev/sdb. Perfect, out comes my card and bootable but the paritition is too small! I mounted the final partition (mkdir /mnt/filesystem; mount /dev/sdb4 /mnt/filesystem) and created a tar of all the files to back up. I then downloaded Gparted (sudo apt-get install gparted) and used this to delete the last parition (the rootfs) and create a new one using all the unalocated space. Ends up close to the 2GB as the other paritions small. Only problem is that jfs was not option to format with which is what we need. I continued anyways.
Note: That you can use fdisk (sudo fdisk /dev/sdb) with option d to delete the final partition and create new one to the full size.
Next we must make sure that our partition has jfs file system so I downloaded the jfs_mkfs tool that comes part of jfsutils (sudo apt-get install jfsutils). I also enabled jfs support in the kernel by modprobe jfs. (I think that was it from my head). Next unmount the partition (umount /mnt/filesystem). Change file system to jfs (sudo jfs_mkfs /dev/sdb4) and after this remounted like above. Now I untarred all my files back onto the partition.

I think there are probably errors in the file system but you can run a check yourself on them.

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009 Embedded Linux, Single Board Computer

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  • patrick says:

    Hi Donal,

    I have been developing using TS7390 for the last 4 months and although i have just found your blog just today, i am surprised to see that we have encountered the same problems using the board and QT. One of the problems is the touchscreen. I have followed your blog to compile and install the tslib but when calibrating, ts_calibrate reports that the selected device is not a touchscreen.
    I have checked and double checked the environment variables and i am sure they are the same as in your blog. ts.conf is also properly configured.
    Have you encountered such a problem. or can you assist?


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