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QT Animation Framework

I am attempting to create GUI effects, such as a menu that slides up and down when you need it over the widgets.
I have attempted it with QGraphicsView and animation, however it is a bit tedious and very slow with the transforms.

QT Animation Framework is something that is under development and scheduled to be released in QT 4.6 later this year.
However, they have given access to it and a few demos. It basically allows you to do animations and interpolation for smooth transitions for widgets from one point in the screen to another. It also provides easing curves, where you can define a linear transition animation based on a curve. So for example, I could make my menu slide up and let it drop when it hits peak like a gravitational affect. Just an idea. I successfully compiled the examples on the TS7390 and they run smoothly enough. I won’t spend too much time messing with GUI effects but I’ll see what is possible anyways.

Saturday, April 4th, 2009 QT Embdedded Programming

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