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Rule Editor Widget Added!

The Rules Editor Widget for Monitoring Purposes

The Rules Editor Widget for Monitoring Purposes

Today I started on the monitoring side of things. Embedding a rule editor inside the monitoring widget was simply not practical or even possible due to screen real estate issues! Instead I gave it, it’s own dedicated widget. Above is what it looks like. At the moment it only allows you to add two sensors to a rule. The sliders allow you to change the values since no keyboard and I’ve no intention of developing a on-screen virtual keyboard widget with the time frame I have!.
Each since has it’s min and max, for example coolant temp is from -40 to 255 (OBD II limitations). When you select this sensor, the sliders automatically adapt to these ranges making it a bit intelligent! Speaking of intelligent, there are other things for example. Only sensors that the car can support will be listed! The OBD II standard does not force manufacturers to implement all sensors, only the ones they want so Automon will automatically update the supported ones and only give users access to these.

Now for the monitoring widget….

Saturday, April 11th, 2009 General Information

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