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Scantool.net and their ElmScan 5

ElmScan5 Serial Version

ElmScan5 Serial Version

Today I received a genuine ELM327 Tool (ElmScan 5 ) from Scantool.net. These guys kindly offered me a free one worth 130 dollars since I was doing it for my final year project. Unfortunetely they sent me the USB version and I wanted the RS232 serial version so I may send this back. Technically though it should work away by using /dev/ttyUSB0 since the kernel is 2.6 and supports the FT232RL chip that is in the USB version that gives a virtual USB com port.

Anyways I think I’ll be better off going with all serial at this stage just incase it causes problems down the line so might send it back to them. Thanks Vitaliy!

Scantools are located here: http://www.scantool.net/scan-tools/. It is important to buy the ELM327 Scantools from here as ones on ebay and other places are generally fake replicas and do not work fully. Poor quality etc. I know myself since I bought one for 50 euro and it gives up randomly.

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