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Upgraded to QT 4.5

It has being a while now since I’ve touched the project due to being a bit ill.
Nokia/Trolltech released QT 4.5 earlier this month. I decided it would be best to update to this new version for a number of reasons:

All my code compiled successful, however I didn’t see much increase in performance. I will look into this more in the future.

Compiling and Cross Compiling QT 4.5 was no different than that of QT 4.4.3. I did however encounter one problem when cross compiling, a linker error to a symbol that didn’t exist. I believe this has to do with me using a old cross compiler version of GCC. However, the problem was removed by replacing this function. Can’t remember the name now but it was an exit function, that I simply replaced with exit(0).

Friday, March 27th, 2009 General Information

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